Why Fall is the Best Time to Plan a Garden

Fall Garden Planning

It’s happening. The trees are putting on a spectacular show. Soup season is here. EVERYTHING is getting pumpkin spiced. Fall is upon us here in Columbus, Ohio.

While you are drinking your PSL and apple picking you might not be thinking about planning your garden. But fall is actually the BEST time of year to plan and install your kitchen garden. 

Let’s talk about why. 

Timing is everything.

This is especially true with planting a garden. And if you live in a cooler climate with a short growing season, you know exactly what I mean. 

Many people don’t start to think about planning their gardens until spring when the weather has already warmed up, but this is actually late. By the time the garden is built and installed they have missed out on early spring plantings with cool weather crops. 

Planting in early spring is so important if you want to grow more productive greens, root veggies, peas, and more. Many of these crops prefer or need cooler temps in order to mature and thrive, like spinach. 

Often times, I see beginner gardeners plant cool weather crops in mid May and then feel discouraged when they don’t produce. Many feel like its because they don’t have “green thumbs” when in fact, its merely an issue of timing.

By planning and installing your kitchen garden in fall you are setting yourself up for a more successful, more productive growing season. The garden gets built, you have a planting plan in place, and everything is ready to go so that you can take advantage of the full growing season next spring and maximize your garden’s output. Future you will be so happy. 

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