What to Plant in September in Columbus, Ohio

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It’s September and we are still planting in the vegetable garden? Yep, things are getting crazy around here!

During garden consultations, one thing I spend a lot of time discussing with clients is the different growing seasons of Columbus. Many people think that the growing season starts in May and ends in September. However, our gardening season can actually last through November, or even longer depending on the weather.

If you have warm season crops like peppers, squash, cucumbers, or tomatoes that are ready to come out of the garden, you can easily replace them with some quick growing cool season veggies.

While there isn’t a ton of things you can plant in your garden in September, there are still some great vegetables that can be planted for late fall harvests.

Here is what you can plant in your vegetable garden in September in Columbus, Ohio.


This spicy and delicious green matures in only 45 days.


Another quick grower, this root veggie can go from seed to harvest in as little as 21 days.

Leaf lettuces

Check for a variety that matures in around 45-50 days. Head lettuces typically take loner to mature.

Baby chard

You may or may not get to full growth on chard at this point, but in around 28 days you can harvest the tender baby leaves.

Beet greens

Depending on the weather, this root veggie may not fully mature, but at the very least you can enjoy the leafy green tops.

Keep in mind that it can be a gamble to plant in September. Fall weather can be wildly unpredictable here in Ohio. Especially in October, when some days it is 90 degrees and others can be 40. Don’t let that stop you from trying! No gardener was ever rewarded for not trying something new.

You can also grab my Columbus Monthly Planting Calendar and see what you can plant all season long.

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