Planning and Organizing Your Garden-Podcast Episode

Annie in her garden at home

Garden Planning and Organizing

Now, those are two subjects that I can really get on board with.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Christy Lingo on her podcast, Cocktails and Containers, this week. Christy is a professional organizer and business coach in Columbus, Ohio. She is a great human and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.

We talked all about the importance of organizing, planning, and maintaining your garden in order to have a more successful growing season.

A well planned garden is typically going to be more successful, less stressful, and less time consuming overall. If you are in the Columbus area, now (early March) is the time to plan that garden.

Here’s what we covered

  1. Why and how to plan your garden
  2. How to plan for plants that work within your time and space, including how much sun you get
  3. Tips on how to efficiently water your garden
  4. How much time you need to maintain your garden

Listen to the full episode here.

And because it is Cocktails and Containers, I also shared a cocktail recipe. You can find the Blackberry Herb Cocktail recipe here. I used this recipe in a cocktail herb planters workshop and it is so good!

Connect with Christy:

Business coach website:

Instagram: Business Savvy Mama and Christy Lingo

Facebook: Business Savvy Mama

Podcast: Cocktails and Containers

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