Garden to Table in Two Weeks

supplies for growing microgreens at home

How To Grow Microgreens at Home

Microgreens are the new hotness in food trends. You’ve probably noticed them popping up on sandwiches and salads all over the place.

Besides being tiny and cute these mini plants pack a powerful nutritional punch and are more nutrient dense than their mature vegetable counterparts.

What exactly are microgreens? 

Microgreens are the seedlings of common vegetables like kale, lettuce, beets, broccoli, and more. The seeds are densely planted and harvested once the plants first true leaves emerge.

These plant babies have a delicate flavor and can be used in a variety of dishes like omelettes, salads, and as garnishes on pizza or pasta.

Microgreens are simple and fun to grow at home. Here’s how.

microgreens supplies

Step one: Gather Your Supplies

Step two: Plant

  • Fill your container with potting mix
  • Sprinkle seeds evenly and densley over the potting mix
  • Lightly press the seeds into the soil
  • Add a thin layer of potting mix on top of the seeds
  • Using the spray bottle or a mister, moisten the soil
  • Place in a sunny windowsill or under a grow light
microgreens growing on a windowsill

Step three: Watch, Water, and Wait

  • The seeds should sprout within 3-7 days
  • Keep the soil moist by spraying it once or twice daily
  • Once sprouted, continue to spray the seedlings keeping the soil moist, but not soaking wet
freshly harvested microgreens

Step four: Harvest!

Plants are usually ready to harvest after about 15 days and once the plants have established their first true leaves. The true leaves are the leaves that emerge after the seedling leaves. They resemble the leaves of a mature plant. Use scissors to cut the stems right at the soil level. Rinse and enjoy!

Seeds can be sown continuously all year round for fresh greens every two weeks.

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