Garden Services

Mission Statement

My goal is and always has been to help teach, guide, and inspire people to achieve their dream edible garden that fits into their life and style by giving them the tools and knowledge to confidently get growing.

This is going to mean something different for everyone. From a large kitchen garden that produces a variety of fruits and veggies to a small herb and salad container garden. Whoever you are, there is a garden that will work for you.

Services Offered

I offer a full range of services from basic garden planning, design, and light coaching for the DIYers out there to full garden installation, maintenance visits, and one on one coaching sessions for those who want to live the #gardentotable life with minimal effort.

  • Garden Consult: Takes place at your home and typically lasts around an hour. We will look at possible garden placement options, discuss plants, your garden goals, and installation options. Learn more here.
  • Garden Design and Execution: Once your garden design is finalized you can choose to build your garden yourself with guidance from me or Seed Babies can build it for you complete with soil, plants, and love. Learn more here.
  • Garden Maintenance: We offer biweekly, monthly, or quarterly garden maintenance. This can include weeding, irrigation set up, and soil amendments as well as harvesting and garden pest control. Maintenance sessions start at $45, plus materials (cost can vary depending on garden size and distance traveled)
  • Coaching Sessions: Want to learn more about pest control? Or crop rotations? Need help troubleshooting during the season? Book a coaching session and we'll work thru it in your garden, leaving you with the knowledge to do it on your own in the future. Sessions start at $75, plus any materials needed. (cost can vary depending on garden size and distance traveled)
  • Workshops: Host a private workshop in your home with friends. Choose from various workshops like, creating your own salad and herb planters to preserving your harvests. Prices vary. Subscribe to my newsletter here to stay up to date on public workshops.

Ready to start your very own gardenening adventure?

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"I had always dreamed of having a garden but the thought of it had always been very intimidating to me. I had absolutely no idea where to start. Knowing Seed Babies would be there to support me every step of the way, I decided to give it a go. Annie came to our home and helped us find the best location in our back yard to build our garden. She considered the style of our home and personal preferences and designed a beautiful garden plan for us which included beautiful modern looking, 3 foot raised beds. Seed babies even helped us construct our garden boxes. Seed Babies garden design and plan, plant layout, consistent care tips and reminders via email took the fear out of the process and replaced it with a truly enjoyable and fun experience. Annie was there for me every step of the way - patient and always willing to answer any questions I had. I recommend Seed Babies to every one I know! It's the perfect service to begin or revamp your gardening journey."

-Annette, Upper Arlington

"Working with a garden coach to educate me on what it is that I need to do, has been so helpful because Google is a rabbit hole and you don't know, what you don't know."

-Whitney, Worthington Hills

I want our garden to be a fun place for our family to connect and enjoy and having Annie as a garden coach has given me the confidence to pursue it for our family. She provides the exact right amount of personal coaching I need.

-Annette (2nd year client), Upper Arlington

"Annie has guided me every step of the way as my family and I undertook our first-ever backyard garden! I was very nervous to embark on this journey, but Annie had faith that I could do it, and she made the process easy and even fun! I looked forward to her emails and check-ins and was proud when I could send her pictures of the fruits--or rather the vegetables—of my labor! My daughters (5 and 8) love harvesting with me, and my older daughter told me a couple days ago after pulling carrots and plucking tomatoes that she wants to live on a farm someday so she can garden all the time! I told her next year we’ll double our garden size since Annie has helped us be so successful this year. Not a farm, but getting closer. Thanks so much, Annie, for helping our family eat organic and super local—from our own backyard!"

-Katy, Upper Arlington

“With Seed Babies garden design and plan I had minimal to do during the planning process and it saved me a ton of time. I loved working together to customize a garden plan that fit my needs. With extra coaching I still got to learn so much during the installation and throughout the season. For those who don’t have the time or expertise to plan a garden I would highly recommend working with Seed Babies.”

-Lindsay, Grandview Heights

The garden plan was so valuable for me. Having Seed Babies lay it all out and give me a plant layout, planting schedule, and notes, made it so easy for me to follow and just get it done.

-Courtney, Clintonville

I have always wanted a little kitchen garden in my backyard, but living in an arboretum, I am up against a lot of shade. Annie came in and showed me that even with low light it is still possible to have a garden that produces. She helped me get a little creative with the types of plants I chose and how I needed positioning of those plants in the garden.

-Signe, Bexley