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What is a Kitchen Garden?

A kitchen garden is a small vegetable garden, usually 200 square feet or less. It is designed in raised beds for a clean and beautiful look.

They are usually located close to the home, making it easily accessible. It is designed to be the heart of your landscaping and a place for you and your family to come together and connect.

A kitchen garden is tended regularly and provides fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits for the home gardener.

It all starts with a garden consult

Learn about the different growing seasons that are unique to Columbus and what does and doesn't grow in our area.

During the consult we'll work together to determine the best garden placement options and what the benefits of different options may be. We'll review different garden design elements to find what will work best for your space and budget.

Our goal is to remove the stress and overwhelm from the set up process and to create a beautiful kitchen garden that reflects your style and goals.

We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to get growing.

Garden Consults

We’ll start by touring your landscape and discussing your gardening goals. We will scout out the best location for your garden and will review garden design options that work for your space and style. We will also discuss our best practices in setting up a thriving kitchen garden.

Cost of the consultation is $150 and includes:

  • Site and sun analysis to find the best location for your garden
  • Review of garden design options and inspiration
  • Seed Babies Kitchen Garden Booklet, detailing the growing seasons of Columbus as well as information on soil health, companion planting, and more
  • A kitchen garden design (up to 300 square feet)
  • Garden installation estimate

After the consult you can expect your kitchen garden design and installation estimate.

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Garden Installation

You can choose full service installation or DIY services. You'll notify us of your preference before the estimate is prepared.

Full Service Installs

We will take care of every aspect of your garden installation making the experience fun and enjoyable for you. Seed Babies will do the hard work and you get to reap the rewards and delicious harvests.

This can include:

  • Sourcing and procuring all materials such as raised beds, trellising, gravel, soil, plants, seeds, and even plant tags
  • Removal of existing sod or landscaping
  • Leveling, grading, and proper preparation of the garden space
  • Installation of hardscaping for pathways and edging
  • Construction and installation of raised beds, trellises, irrigation, custom soil blend, and plants

After the installation, we will walk you through your new garden and make sure you know where everything is growing. We will discuss what steps you will need to take in order to ensure a thriving kitchen garden.

Beyond the installation Seed Babies offers several garden maintenance packages including bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly to help you grow more successfully.

Maintenance includes compost refreshes throughout the season, succession planting, pest control, trellising, pruning, and fertilizing.

This allows you to enjoy light tending and harvesting without the overwhelm of larger garden tasks.

DIY Services

If you prefer to do the installation labor yourself you can still order your materials from Seed Babies. We can also provide hourly coaching for more support and guidance during your garden set up process.

You will receive high quality materials such as:

  • Custom built cedar raised beds
  • Our proprietary blend of soil, compost, and amendments
  • Locally grown plants

With this option you can install your own garden with top quality materials and support to ensure it's done right the first time.


See what people are saying about their Seed Babies' garden installation...

The garden has become the center of our home and is something that we all love as a family. The design that Seed Babies created made it accessible for us to interact with as part of our day to day lives. We love our garden! It has been an awesome improvement.

-Erika, Merion Village

Seed Babies has been a joy to work with from design to completion. Every part of the process has been seamless and fun, from finding the perfect location, working together to created a beautiful aesthetic, and picking what to plant. I get compliments on our garden nearly daily and I recommend Seed Babies without hesitation.

-Georgina, Upper Arlington

Our kitchen garden, designed and installed by Seed Babies, has become the heart of our backyard. It is a daily source of joy and beauty. I appreciate the creative, knowledgeable and relational approach Annie took to designing our garden. The communication, installation process, interactions with team members and quality of craftsmanship were excellent. She has given me (and my little ones) a foundation to learn and grow in gardening experience, as well as a design that offers flexibility for different seasons of life ahead.

Katie, Victorian Village

Working with Seed Babies on our kitchen garden has been the best! They took an intimidating process and made it fun and easy to understand. Seed Babies helped us install, plant, and above all educated us on the best way to take care of our growing garden.

-Michelle, Upper Arlington

Ready to book your garden consult? We can't wait to grow with you!

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Annie in a client's kitchen garden