Q: What is a garden coach?

A: A coach is essentially someone who teaches and guides people towards achieving their goals. That is exactly what I do, teach and guide people to achieve their gardening goals. By working together in the garden I can help you establish a strong foundation of gardening knowledge and skills so you can learn how to grow and maintain a successful edible garden year after year.

Q: What are the benefits of garden planning?

A: So many! Overall, proper garden planning will help save you time and energy. It will help you establish a crop rotation schedule to keep your soil happy and healthy; it will help you time out your plantings so you have steady harvests all season long; and you can even plan for your schedule...i.e. if mid summer is super busy you can plan easy to care for plants to fill your garden during that time.

Q: Where are you located and what areas do you service?

A: We are located in Columbus, OH and are currently servicing all areas within the 270 outer belt as well as any suburbs located immediately outside of 270 (Powell, Gahanna, Westerville, etc)

Q: I live in an apartment or townhouse and have limited outdoor space, can I still grow food?

A: A thousand times yes! Growing in small spaces is my specialty. If you've got sunlight and water, we can build you a garden.

Q: Can you plan gardens remotely?

A: Yes. Remote plans will include garden plant layout, plant list, and planting schedule. We can also work out a crop rotation schedule to help keep your garden ecosystem thriving.

Q: Who is a good candidate for garden coaching?

A: Coaching sessions are good for everyone! If you already have a garden, but need help dealing with pests or have issues with certain things growing....garden coach. If you have never planted a thing in your life and need someone to guide the way...garden coach. If you want to learn a certain gardening technique (i.e. companion planting)...garden coach. You can even purchase a garden coaching session as a gift. 

Q: I already have a garden space and don't need a design or installation, what other ways can you help me?

A: I can create a custom plant layout for you with a plant list and planting schedule. We can create a crop rotation schedule for your garden and I can teach you about companion planting, beneficial insects, organic pest control methods, etc. You can also buy a garden maintenance session and I'll come do your least favorite garden tasks for you (or tell your friends and family to buy you a session as a gift...you deserve it!).

Q: Do you offer any workshops?

A: I don't currently have any public workshops available. But if you are interested in hosting a private workshop with friends and family send me a message.