About Me

Oh hey there! I’m Annie. Kitchen Garden Coach in Columbus, Ohio. Owner and founder of Seed Babies. Lover of nature, pancakes, dystopian and post apocalyptic books, and baths. I am an aspiring minimalist who lives with a very non-minimalist. That would be my handsome husband, Joe, who takes a lot of the pictures for this site. Together we spend our time fixing up our old house, camping, hiking, and binge watching excellent shows. All the while chasing around our two kids and doing our best to be real life adults.

My love of gardening began in New York City. While living in the East Village I discovered tiny community gardens tucked in between buildings. I quickly joined one on my block and fell in love. I met amazing people in that garden. Some who had lived in the area and been a volunteer in the garden for 20+ years, some who were both new to the city and the garden, and some that fell somewhere in between. Everyone came together to care for this tiny oasis. I learned everything from weeding to composting to growing grapes. It was a magical time.

I have since moved back to the Midwest and have continued on with my gardening adventures. We built and maintain a 324 square foot urban garden in Columbus, OH. Growing food has brought me so much joy. It has been the basis for many things in my life including my love of cooking, my desire to take better care of our planet and environment, and even my drive to live more simply and minimally. Read more about my journey here.

Annie in her garden

About Seed Babies

Seed Babies is dedicated to teaching and inspiring people to grow food at home. Everyone can and should have a kitchen garden. With the right garden plan in place its possible to have a garden that fits into your life, style, and budget.

Kitchen gardens are making a comeback because of their accessibility, design aesthetic, and ability to fit into even the busiest lives.

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