5 Plants for a Low Maintenance Garden

Maintaining the Garden with a cultivator

Pressed for time? Plan a low maintenance garden this year.

These days we are all so busy. I hear from so many people that they feel they cannot have a garden because they just don’t have the time. But like I always say, everyone can and should have an edible garden and I truly believe that.

It all starts with the right garden plan. You can plan a garden that fits into your life and works with the amount of time you have to give it. And if you don’t have a lot of time, then a low maintenance garden is the right fit for you.

Of course, gardens require time. They need regular maintenance in order to thrive and produce abundantly. You’ll need to spend time maintaining the garden once a week. However, what you plant and how much you plant will determine how long that weekly maintenance takes.

Here are 5 plants for a low maintenance garden.

  1. Herbs. Perhaps the easiest thing to grow in the garden. Herbs produce all season long and require very little care beyond regular harvests to encourage growth.
  2. Leaf Lettuce. Another cut and come again plant that requires very little care.
  3. Arugula. My favorite leafy green to grow. Arugula goes from seed to harvest in 45 days and can be planted in the garden all season long.
  4. Radishes. An easy to grow root crop that is small enough to be tucked into tight spaces.
  5. Bush Beans. These varieties do not require support or trellising and are not prone to pests, making them easy to grow without much attention.

If you are pressed for time try these five crops and be prepared to marvel at how much you’ll be able to harvest from your garden without having to spend hours tending to it. 

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